Laura Ashley Giftset 4 Mugs 32 cl. Assorted

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Made of high-quality material, these cups from the Damson Rose Collectables are durable and suitable for everyday use. With a capacity of 32 cl., they are perfect for serving your favorite hot drinks such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Additionally, the sturdy handles ensure that you can comfortably enjoy your drink, while the elegant design adds a touch of class to any occasion. Discover the Damson Rose Collectables Laura Ashley is known for her love of flowers and color. The combinations that arose from this quickly became her trademark. Although she initially could only print in one color, this turned out to be a great success. By combining the beautiful prints of Wild Clematis and Daniella with the Laura Ashley feel, a stunning mix of patterns was created. This inspiration led to the creation of the Damson Rose Collectables, a collection of Heritage prints captured in a warm color: burgundy. This deep red color, also known as cranberry, is an evergreen on Laura Ashley's unique color palette.